About Us

Our Purpose


Welcome to Shalom Disability Ministries.
In 1989 in South Korea, God called Pastor Moses Park and gave him a vision for a disability ministry through a tragic event, an unexpected car accident that took the lives of both of his daughters and even left his wife, who was driving the car at the time, severely disabled with quadriplegia. That vision was a mission of spreading the gospel to our neighbors who have been alienated from society due to their disabilities. And, in order for this ministry to start on a full scale, it took 10 years of preparation time.

This mission organization, which was established in June of 1999, set its purpose to search for and serve those who are disabled and hidden in the local community.

Specifically, with the ultimate purpose of spreading the gospel of Christ’s peace (Shalom) to the disabled people and to their family members, our goal is to help with their physical, emotional and mental rehabilitation. Running a rehabilitation center for the disabled members in the local community, which is a part of the disability ministry, and expanding the Kingdom of God among the disability communities around the world by providing medical equipments such as wheelchairs to the deprived disabled people abroad are the reasons for the establishment and existence of this mission organization.


Meeting Guide

1Thursday Worship ServiceEvery Thursday 5:00 PM
2Monday Devotional MeetingEvery Monday 10:30 AM
3SDM Praise Team PracticeEvery Wednesday 3:00 PM
4Oriental Medicine TherapyEvery Thursday 3:30 PM
5Physical TherapyEvery Thursday 3:30 PM
6Shalom Hair SalonEvery Thursday 3:30 PM
7Intercessory Prayer MeetingEvery Friday 10:30 AM
8Rehab Exercise Room HourMonday ~ Friday 9:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM